Jodie Sweetin got seriously injured doing a “mom stunt,” and we’re wishing her the speediest of recoveries

Most people don’t realize just how baddass you have to be to survive being the mother of small children. Well, Fuller House actress Jodie Sweetin just broke her ankle jumping over a fence — all in pursuit of a toy that her daughter Bea had accidentally thrown over the other side.

Mom life at its realest.

And according to Sweetin’s latest Instagram post, she will very likely be having surgery in the near future so that the break will heal properly. Oy. Poor Jodie! Here was the initial picture she snapped on the day the whole ordeal happened:

"I was trying to hop a fence to get a little toy that Bea had thrown over it, and on the way back, my dismount sucked. Snapped my ankle and tibia in multiple places and screamed like never before!!

And, in true selfless mom fashion, she also managed to slip in the fact that her other daughter Zoie had won all of her soccer games and would be moving on to the next round. IS THAT MOM LOVE OR WHAT?!

And Sweetin seems to be approaching this whole situation with an inhumanly positive attitude. Here was her follow up post from the next day:

We are seriously so impressed with how positive Sweetin’s perspective is on all of this, and are going to try to take a page from her book the next time life throws us a major unexpected challenge.

We are also wishing her the absolute speediest of recoveries and can’t wait for her to be feeling 100 percent again. Because Stephanie Tanner is like a sister to us, and that means Jodie Sweetin is too!

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