Jodie Sweetin sticks up for her ‘Fuller House’ little sisters. We feel the love.

We are very, VERY interested in every tiny little detail that comes out about Netflix’s Full House reboot. With Fuller House, we’re getting some familiar faces back, and so far, every single Tanner family member has confirmed their involvement, except for one, or should I say two. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen will not be reprising their role as Michelle Tanner, which makes us worry that at one point there was a big fight over Mr. Bear and the sisters can’t resolve the argument. However, that is the opposite of what’s actually happening — there’s no sister-drama going on behind the scenes.

Jodie Sweetin, who’s coming back to play adult middle-child Stephanie Tanner, explains that she “[loves] them and [supports] them no matter what.” Talking to People last week at an event hosted by her on-screen dad, Bob Saget, Sweetin went onto say that even though the twins won’t be back, she still loves them as if they were her real sisters. “Whatever it is that they choose to do, I’m behind them 100 percent. I love them no matter what.” Could we love this TV family any more? Wait, this photo of Steph and Kimmy on the set of Fuller House just upped our love quotient even more.

Remember, just because they won’t be back for the first Fuller House episode, which is being billed more as a giant reunion series, this doesn’t mean that Michelle will never show up. She’s still going to have a presence (of some TBD sort) on Fuller House, and should the Olsen twins ever decide to pop in for a visit, they’ll be welcomed with open arms.

“I think it’s going to be a really strange dream — something that I never imagined or thought possible,” Sweetin continued, “To be able to bring back such a well-loved show is, I mean it’s crazy. I don’t think it’s really sunk in yet, and I think the first day we’re all going to be on the set it’s going to be a really wonderful experience.”

It hasn’t sunk in for us, either! This is a television dream come true. So keep those Fuller House updates coming, Tanner family. We’ll be waiting.

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