Why is Jodie Foster on crutches at the Oscars 2018? Ouch!

She hobbled out on stage at the Oscars 2018 next to Jennifer Lawrence and immediately everyone wondered, why is Jodie Foster on crutches?! The Academy Award-winning actress didn’t give the audience a straight answer, but she joked that it was “Streep. She I, Tonya’ed me,” referring, of course, to the infamous Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan knee-bashing drama portrayed in the film I, Tonya.

Foster was on stage with Lawrence to present the award for Best Actress; the pair replaced Casey Affleck, who won for Best Actor last year and would have presented the award but was uninvited in light of sexual assault allegations against the actor.

But back to the main question at hand: Why on Earth was Jodie Foster on crutches?

Well, the famously private actress hasn’t revealed the source of her injury, but she was seen hobbling around Beverly Hills earlier this week outside of a medial building, so we’re glad — at least! — to know that she’s getting proper care.

Foster hasn’t been in front of the camera in the last year, but she has been busy behind it, directing an episode of Black Mirror, a show she’s said is “f*cking awesome.” She’s set to appear soon in a thriller called Hotel Artemis alongside This Is Us actor Sterling K. Brown.


The actress has won two Best Actress prizes at the Academy Awards — one in 1992 for The Silence of the Lambs, and one in 1989 for The Accused.

Whatever happened to land Jodie Foster on crutches, we hope she heals soon!

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