Joaquin Phoenix reveals that he has a crush on Amy Poehler (get in line, Joaquin!)

Joaquin Phoenix, who plays perma-stoned detective Larry “Doc” Sportello in the recently released Inherent Vice and has starred in a bunch of really amazing movies like Her, I’m Still Here, and Walk the Line, was on Jimmy Kimmel a couple of nights ago to talk about his Golden Globe nominations. As well as his crush on Amy Poehler.

While Phoenix could not care less about his nominations (he has five Golden Globe nominations under his belt, which is super impressive), he does tell Kimmel how attractive he thinks Amy Poehler is. I mean, DUH, Joaquin. Amy is not just attractive, she is beautiful and smart and the queen of everything. But anyway. Joaquin Phoenix tells Kimmel that he’s going to her after-party tonight and that he’s a little nervous about seeing her. “I don’t really know what to say,” Phoenix admits. You’re not alone, Joaquin. I’m sure most of us wouldn’t know what to say to Amy either, besides, “HIYOU’REAMAZINGILOVEYOUSOMUCH.”

Unfortunately for Joaquin, Amy Poehler is currently in a super tight relationship with Nick Kroll (aka, THE DOUCHE from Parks and Rec). Kimmel joked, “If you want to break it up though, I’m sure Nick would be happy to step aside.”

I think probably not. It’s OK, Joaquin, you can admire from afar, like the rest of us.

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