Remember Joanna from ‘Love Actually’? Well, she’s 23 now and still awesome

We’re barely two days into December and I’ve already watched Love Actually twice. I can’t help it—it’s the perfect Christmas movie. The music, the presents, the lobsters (plural) who were present at the birth of Jesus—everything about it screams holidays. But arguably the best part of the movie is the relationships. After all, “love” is in the title.

There’s Jamie and Aurélia, who are fantastic because their love blossomed slowly as they spent time together. There’s David and Natalie, who have the best chemistry of any movie couple ever. There’s John and Judy, who have the greatest “how we met” story on the books (hi, professional body doubles). And then, there’s Sam and Joanna.

Ah, Sam and Joanna. Young love at its finest. Thomas Sangster, the actor who plays Sam, so perfectly captures the excitement, frustration and desperation of being in love and feeling all of the feelings. And who could blame him? The girl he’s fallen for, Joanna, is a cutie with a serious set of pipes. Well, it turns out that Joanna—played by Olivia Olson—is still in the business. And she’s still as beautiful today as she was in 2003.

It’s no surprise Olivia has established herself as a voice actress. She lends her voice to Phineas and Ferb and Adventure Time. Did you know she’s the woman behind Marceline? Take a look and see how much she’s grown up since her Love Actually days—she’s 23 now!

Don’t worry—she’s still singing!

Just take a listen.  

Oh and here she is feeding a kangaroo.

And giving us some serious makeup envy  

And finding love, actually.

So, there you have it. The girl who stole our hearts with her knit beanie and put Mariah Cary’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” on the map is doing better than ever. And we’re not one bit surprised.

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