Joanna Kerns (aka Mrs. Seaver) released a longer statement about Alan Thicke’s death, and it is just tremendously beautiful

We’re still pretty heartbroken over the loss of actor Alan Thicke. We grew up watching him every single week on Growing Pains for seven whole seasons, and even though we didn’t know him personally, something feels distinctly personal about this loss. Which makes us all the sadder for the friends and family who did know Alan personally and who are still reeling from his passing.

And actress Joanna Kerns (his TV wife) just released a statement about the loss of her beloved friend and mentor, and her words are both simple and beautiful.

In the statement, released to Entertainment Weekly, she wrote:

“I met Alan for the first time as we walked down the long hallway at ABC to audition for Growing Pains. We were in similar places. My first marriage was falling apart, and he was in the middle of a divorce. We both had young kids, both had recently canceled shows, so we needed this one to work. We talked as we walked. He made me laugh. A little flirting was going on, as it always was with Alan…with everybody!”


She went on to write, “Alan was my biggest supporter, and we truly loved and trusted each other. When I wanted to move from acting to directing, I asked his advice because he was a major writer-producer, the Emmy-nominated star of a Canadian talk show. And without a second thought, he said, ‘Well, you’re old…but you’d make a great director. You’re opinionated, stubborn, strong, and you love telling everyone what to do.’ Then he smiled.”

"That was Alan. He was snarky but direct. Outside of my husband, he was probably the most supportive guy I’ve ever known. He knew so many people and touched so many lives."

We miss you, Alan. And we’re sending so much love today to all your friends and loved ones.