Supermodel Joan Smalls is collaborating with *this* affordable brand on a new lingerie line

Depending on your body type, lingerie shopping can be either totally liberating or an absolute pain. Granted everybody has their own list of preferences, but that doesn’t mean we’re letting brands off the hook. We’ve got a laundry list of demands and a new collab between supermodel Joan Smalls and Smart & Sexy lingerie sounds like it just might be able to deliver.

Joan Smalls has quite a few collabs under her belt. She’s worked with Estée Lauder and True Religion in the past and as a Victoria’s Secret veteran, we’re willing to bet she knows a thing or two about lingerie. After working on Smart & Sexy’s swimsuit campaign, Joan and Smart & Sexy founder Ariela Balk decided to partner up on a lingerie line that will be sold in Walmart stores.

To the Smart & Sexy peeps and our girl Joan, you guys, we’ve got high hopes for this.

Here are a few things we hope to see from the collection, which is set to hit stores spring 2018.

1Hella sizes

The more, the better. Smart & Sexy bras already have a size range of 32A through 46 DDD, so we’re expecting the same sizes for Joan’s collab, if not more.

2VS level sexiness

Just ‘cuz we’re on a budget doesn’t mean we want your standard issued bra that feels like cardboard with a dumb little bow in the center. We want runway worthy.

3A broke-millennial-friendly price point

We don’t think this will be an issue, since Smart & Sexy bras currently retail for under $15. Founder Ariela Balk even told Business of Fashion that her bras are made in the same factories as Victoria’s Secret bras, but she’s able to offer them for lower prices based on economies of scale. Niiice.

Here’s to hoping this lingerie line is inclusive, affordable, and cute. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for more updates on this collection.

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