Get out and vote! Joan Jett-inspired PSA stars our favorite ladies

Yes, “Power To The Peaceful and The Proactive!” The Department of Peace has just released an inspiringly badass, star-studded video set to Joan Jett’s ‘Bad Reputation’ meant to raise awareness about next week’s election end make sure more women get out and vote.

The creative music video features Hannah Simone, Tracee Ellis Ross, Tavi Gevinson, Sia, Carrie Brownstein,  along with HelloGiggles’ contributors Sarah Sophie Flicker and Jorjee Douglass. And, while its completely fun and wonderful, what it stands for is really important so please read the info below and then sing along with Joan Jett to ‘Bad Reputation’.

From The Department of Peace:

In 2013, there were more laws passed to limit women’s reproductive rights than in the entire previous DECADE. Many of us may have access to good health care, but our experience being a woman – and our rights – shouldn’t depend on our zip code. Our sisters in Texas, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Ohio, Arkansas, and so many other states don’t have what we have. The most regressive, anti­-woman, anti­-voting, anti-equality laws are being passed on the state level. This is why the MIDTERMS are so important.

The midterm elections onTuesday, November 4th, are just as important as the Presidential elections. Need a reason to go vote? Check out these terrifying facts:

2012’s ‘‘ was a great video too:

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