J.Lo teaches Shakira how to booty shake in these behind-the-scenes Super Bowl halftime show videos

Although it feels like it’s been years since Jennifer Lopez and Shakira took the stage at the Super Bowl LIV halftime show, the spectacle was only a few months back. Like the rest of us in the universe, J.Lo can’t stop thinking about it. She posted a set of behind-the-scenes videos from her rehearsals with Shakira—including her candid tutorial, showing Shakira how to master the booty shake. We’re taking notes.

“I can’t believe it’s already been 3 months since the #SuperBowlLIV #Halftime Show!” Lopez captioned her May 3rd Instagram post. “So much has happened since then, but I wanted to share a fun peek behind the scenes at our first rehearsal with the dancers and @Shakira.”

In the second-to-last slide, Lopez and Shakira stand side-by-side and workshop their butt-shaking routine.

Shakira seemingly asks J.Lo how she shakes her booty, and Lopez says, “I do it with my knees…If you shake your knees your butt moves.”

“My mother taught me,” Lopez can be heard saying. “When I was 4.” She laughs.


That’s just one of a handful of her behind-the-scenes videos. You can also watch snippets of J.Lo’s rehearsal with the children who joined her during her performance. It looks like they all had so much fun—and honestly, how could they not?

If you’d like to reminisce about when times were simpler, when we were playing sports, and when groups of dancers could gather and prepare for an event that’s not canceled, watch the full Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show below.

And if you need to cry, we have tissues waiting for you.

Don’t be sad it’s over; be happy that it happened, right? Hopefully, J.Lo has even more behind-the-scenes footage up her sleeve to drop on us throughout quarantine.

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