Liam Hemsworth gives us the inside scoop on why J.Law always falls down

When you’re absolutely excellent at nearly every single thing, it’s perfectly acceptable to be “terrible at walking.” Oh to be Jennifer Lawrence. 

At this point, Jennifer Lawrence can do no wrong, and when Mockingjay co-star Liam Hemsworth talked to Seth Meyers on Late Night about J. Law’s incessant falling down, we fell for them that much more.

Seth questions Liam about Jennifer’s much publicized red carpet slips and scrapes, and Liam tells him, in no uncertain terms, “I’m constantly surprised by how much she falls down — without trying at all.”

He even tells a charming story about J. Law’s heel breaking at a premiere in London, and he of course swooped in to help her up. But when he let go of her so she could hug a fan, she fell down again, all the way to the floor. He takes responsibility for that one, like a true gentleman, but he can’t really account for all the other times. Liam (and his Aussie accent) kinda say it best, she’s a “clumsy, clumsy girl.” An adorable, hilarious, brilliantly talented, clumsy girl.

In her defense, Jennifer did warn us. E! News reminds us of Jennifer’s first visit to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno during which she warned America that, “she falls essentially every time she goes up a set of stairs.” She was true to her word.

Take it away Liam:

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