J. Law couldn’t stop LOLing at Eddie Redmayne’s early modeling photos (and neither can we)

Jennifer Lawrence and Eddie Redmayne are two, normal people who just happen to have Oscars. The two joked about their careers during the New Year’s Eve edition of The Graham Norton Show and found out that their little gold dudes aren’t the only thing they have in common. It turns out, before they were award-winning actors, both Jennifer and Eddie worked as models.

That’s hardly surprising – they are both ridiculously good-looking – but seeing the goofy Eddie Redmayne, who moves around on Graham’s guest couch like a kid in a bounce house, giving a smoldering male model face in an old knitting catalogue hit J.Law right in the funny bone.

“It’s hard to make a jumper sexy,” says Graham, “but I think he’s managed it.”


Well, he’s definitely managed something. Eddie joined in the fun and laughed as his past self – good to know he doesn’t take himself as seriously as that photo implies.
Graham didn’t have any of Jen’s old modeling photos from her days smizing for Abercrombie and Fitch, because apparently they never saw the light of day. The Joy star explained that the company’s ad campaign involved playing football for the camera: “All the other models were, like, playing football in a pretty way,” she said. “Not me.”

According to Jennifer, Abercrombie didn’t like her “red, dripping in sweat” game face, which ironically really came in handy when she played Katniss in the Hunger Games. Silly Abercrombie.

Watch Eddie and Jennifer be utterly charming and make us wish we could have them both over for brunch in the clip below:

(Image via YouTube.)

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