Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are crazy fierce in this new ‘Joy’ clip

Oh what’s that off in the distance? Probably just Jennifer Lawrence’s fourth Oscar nomination in less than five years. Her latest film, Joy, lands in theaters on Christmas Day, and tells the story of Miracle Mop creator, Joy Mangano, and her rise to mega entrepreneur status with her nifty inventions. Lawrence stars as Joy throughout different points in her life as she goes from stay-at-home mom to HSN superstar and becomes a millionaire in the process.

In the movie, Lawrence pairs with Bradley Cooper for now their third joint David O. Russel project. Cooper plays a Home Shopping Network Executive, who clearly once told Joy something she took to heart. Now, apparently going back on whatever he said, he’s crossed Joy in the wrong way. Even though we haven’t seen the movie yet, it’s clear that you don’t want to cross Joy. She means business in more ways than one.

In this brand new clip, Lawrence totally lays into Cooper, with her soft spoken but incredibly intense monologue. You’d think that Cooper would be quick to reply and actually spar with her. Nope. Instead, he’s completely dumbstruck by her words. We feel the same way. Everything about this has OSCAR written all over it.

Check out the brand new clip below, and be sure to keep Christmas afternoon free to check out Joy in theaters.

Image via YouTube