Whoa, are JLaw and Adele masterminding a new power squad?

If you felt a slight shift in the universe on Friday night, but haven’t been able to attribute it to any intergalactic phenomena, this might be the reason: Jennifer Lawrence and Adele sort of hung out.

I know. I know.

Here’s the scoop: J. Law was spotted eating dinner with Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson, her Hunger Games bro team, at Waverly Inn in New York City’s West Village. She was wearing black and looking fabulous.

But guess who else was also wearing black, looking fabulous, and eating dinner at Waverly Inn in New York City’s West Village on Friday night? Hello! It’s me. Adele.

While no one knows for sure if the two superstars are ordering friendship necklaces from Claire’s yet, it’s easy to wish that they become besties.

[High-pitched squealing.]

Jennifer Lawrence is already in a high-profile “girlmance” with Amy Schumer — the pair is writing a movie script, which automatically makes the world a better place. Hmmm … That movie is going to need a soundtrack. I wonder who will write and perform all the songs? Probably someone with poise, wit, and the most smashing set of pipes on the planet, right?

I volunteer Adele as tribute!

Seriously, though, Jen and Adele — no pressure. You two don’t have to be best friends. Just the fact that you co-exist is so magical.

But that’s not going to stop me from writing friend fiction about you.

(Images via Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Giphy, Giphy, and Giphy.)

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