J.K. Rowling’s response to Serena Williams’ body-shamer is perfect

Whenever J.K. Rowling tweets anything, it’s generally the best 140 characters the world has ever seen. (She does have a way with words, after all.) So of COURSE when a troll comes along and sends some really cruel, ignorant tweets her way, Rowling knows how to handle it. Unfortunately, one twitter user didn’t get that memo when he responded to Rowling’s pro-Serena Williams tweet by saying the tennis player “was built like a man.” Um, not OK.

Let’s back up. Today, Serena Williams won her sixth (SIXTH!) Wimbledon victory. You know, NBD. Except it totally is a big deal, because Serena is a total superstar. And J.K. has been Team Serena all the way. “I’m Team Serena today, because you don’t meet many super-talented people nicer than she is,” J.K. tweeted before the match earlier today.

So when Serena totally dominated, J.K. was, of course, over the moon. “#SerenaSlam! I love her,” she tweeted. What an athlete, what a role model, what a woman!”

But *someone* didn’t exactly agree with her. That’s where Twitter user Rob came into play. “ironic [sic] then that main reason for her success is that she is built like a man,” he tweeted. Ugh. Of course, it’s OK to disagree respectfully with someone’s opinion, but really? Body-shaming AND sexism all in one totally repugnant tweet? Come ON, Rob. Sounds like someone was salty about Serena’s big win.

Luckily, J.K. was ready to put him in his place. She responded with a picture of Serena totally ROCKING a gorgeous red dress and fab set of heels, captioning the picture, ” ‘she is built like a man.’ Yeah, my husband looks just like this in a dress. You’re an idiot.”

YAAAAAAS. Did you stand up and clap? Because we totally did. Leave it to J.K. to stand up against the sexist jerks of the world. If we weren’t positive she is a 100% perfect human being before, we certainly are now. Take a seat, Rob, and think before you challenge the almighty J.K. next time. Or, you know, stop body-shaming entirely — that would be nice.

Of course this isn’t the only time Rowling has dealt with — like we said, Rowling knows how to put trolls in their place. Like the time she schooled someone on LGBT equality and her character Dumbledore’s sexual orientation. Or when she totally shut down sexist twitter user in a really hilarious, witty way. Bottom line? Don’t be a jerk to J.K. Rowling (or at all, really).

(Images via Twitter)