JK Rowling schooled a Twitter troll who slammed her tweet about refugees

Leave it to JK Rowling, one of our sharpest minds, to completely decimate a nasty Twitter troll.

Last week, the Harry Potter author expressed her sympathy for the hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing parts of the Middle East and Africa and seeking asylum from their war-torn countries. Her tweet, below, was in direct response to the U.K.’s indecision over whether or not to accept Syrian refugees.  

Many agreed with Rowling to the tune of 24,000+ retweets (and the U.K. government just announced it would accept 20,000 refugees over the next five years), but this being the Internet, there’s always a troll lurking about, and rather than let one of them slip by unnoticed, Rowling singled out one of her critics:  

Note, the 30,000+ retweets. If anything, this is just run-of-the-mill JK and definitely not the first time the author has used Twitter to defend everyone from Serena Williams to the LGBT+ community.

It just goes to show you that, as Rowling was so careful to teach us through Harry Potter, love (and no small bit of humor) always wins out in the end.

Oh, and don’t mess with JK Rowling.


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