JK Rowling shut down a major fan theory, so cross this off your list

J.K. Rowling has spoken. The Harry Potter mastermind just stated on the record — aka, on her Twitter — that one well-circulated fan theory is most certainly not true. Draco Malfoy never has been, and never will be, a werewolf.

For anyone late to this “Draco is a werewolf theory” let’s recap super fast. The theory goes that to punish the Malfoys for failing him, Voldemort had Fenrir Greyback bite Draco (Remember: Fenrir is the same werewolf who bit Remus Lupin and injured Bill Weasley).

The books have (or should I say had) evidence to support this, too, like the fact that Voldemort makes a few werewolf comments directed at Draco; Draco becomes super on-edge towards the end of the books; and simply the fact that the threat of werewolves is discussed a lot throughout HP, but we don’t see it happen much (except in Bill’s case). The theory goes that Rowling slipped this into the story, suggesting that Draco also found himself on the receiving end of some werewolf teeth, but none of this was ever explicitly stated in the pages of the books.

WELL, stop thinking it’s even the slightest bit true. It’s not, and this word comes from Rowling herself. Engaging in one of our favorite past-times, Fireside Tweets With J.K. Rowling (not actually a thing, but we’re making it a thing), she explained in less than 140-characters that Draco is NOT a werewolf — and while she’s at it, she once again reminded us that Snape is still NOT a vampire.

So pull out your giant notebook of Harry Potter facts, theories, and questions, and mark this one as FALSE. We win some (like the Dumbledore is Death theory) and we lose some (like this right now). Let’s look on the bright side: Rowling is at least answering our theory questions, in between all her other writing, working on Fantastic Beasts, and Cursed Child. She cares enough about us to take a few seconds out of her busy day to tell us that we are super wrong. That’s (one of the many reasons) why we love her.

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