J.K. Rowling loved Amy Schumer’s stand-up show and we’re on fangirl overload

We can’t get enough of Amy Schumer, because as well as being super funny, she frequently gets real about important issues like her struggles with body image. And you know who else fangirls out over the comedian in the most endearing way ever? J.K. Rowling!

Yep, the Harry Potter scribe saw Schumer perform her stand-up show in Scotland, and loved every moment!

Naturally, she took to Twitter to voice her enthusiasm.

Wow, “goddess” is pretty much the best compliment one can receive. And naturally, Schumer replied!


Okay, this exchange is pretty cute.

Is this the start of a blossoming new friendship, we wonder? They’d have a lot to talk about, because it seems like Schumer and her sister are huge Harry Potter fans. Maybe they could even gift each other copies of their respective new books! HEY, what a great idea.

Also, by the looks of things, Schumer had a fantastic time on her trip to Edinburgh.

We absolutely love that J.K. Rowling is on board the Amy Schumer train, because she really IS a goddess.

Just somuch YES.

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