JK Rowling planted the seed of a ‘Harry Potter’ prequel

JK Rowling, of all people, should know that Potterheads are fragile, fragile creatures when it comes to the hope of new material from her delightful wizarding world. But, even though she knows how we jump on every little morsel and get our hopes up at the drop of a (sorting) hat, she can’t resist having a little fun with her fans.

Of all the authors on Twitter, few have as much real, substantial and playful interaction with their fans as Rowling. She knows just how to engage with her community of fangirls and fanboys on social media and we love her even more for it. So, when she saw this awesome picture of two hardcore Potterheads dressed as Percy Weasley and Narcissa Malfoy, she not only tweeted it, she decided to have a little extra fun:

Yes, that was JK Rowling making your heart flutter with hopes of a Harry Potter prequel, only to crush it with the heavy, deadly force of a thousand Dementors with a single hashtag. The good news is that at least the trolling, teasing hint at a prequel was completely bizarre and not the kind of wish-fulfillment that would leave us in need of medical attention from Madama Pomfrey. For example, if the not-really-happening prequel tease had been about, say, Severus, Lily and James’ time at Hogwarts, I might have actually been petrified.

All bow to JK Rowling, amazing author and pro Internet troll.

(Image via here.)

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