We can’t stop thinking about JK Rowling’s favorite ‘Harry Potter’ fan art

The world of Harry Potter extends well beyond the books. The fact that the series inspires writing, music, and art of its own is one of the best things about it —that we have a community in which to obsess over all things HP. That, and the fact that the creator of the series, queen J.K. Rowling herself, can be a part of the magic on Twitter.

Today, the author of the seven Harry Potter books, as well as The Casual Vacancy, tweeted out a picture of what she says is her favorite fan art of the series:

Rowling told us not to cry but I don’t think that’s possible. This picture of James, Harry’s father, and Sirius, Harry’s godfather, hanging out at their first apartment, before any of the story we know and love happened, is heartbreaking because it’s the calm before the storm. It’s the happiest time of life for Harry’s two most important father figures, and we as readers know that tragedy lies ahead.

The art, titled “1978,” was drawn by Aïcha Wijland, an artist and student. She originally posted the photo over on Deviant Art, captioning it:

I’m sure, now that she might have drawn the most famous Harry Potter fan art ever, Wijland’s changed her tune.

For more rad and seriously inspiring works of Harry Potter art, check out The Unofficial Harry Potter Art Collection, a tumblr filled with endless HP reimaginings.

(Image via Warner Bros, Twitter)

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