Let’s talk about how JK Rowling is literally glowing at the “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” European premiere

JK Rowling attended the European Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them premiere in the most glamorous gown we’ve ever seen, and we’re just a little bit smitten. To be fair, we’re predisposed to be totally in love with JK Rowling no matter what she’s wearing, because the woman basically shaped our childhoods (no, really, studies show that reading Harry Potter makes you awesome) and so is kind of an honorary mother slash fairy godmother to us all. But she really outdid herself for the Fantastic Beasts premiere. She looks like some kind of old Hollywood screen siren, and we look like the heart eyes emoji.

Let’s start up close and work our way out as we worship.

First of all, she’s such a pro she’s mixing metallics — we’ve got gold AND silver. Truly a queen. Her face is glowing and we could write poetry about her eyes, tbh. She looks ridiculously radiant, and we’re only looking at her face.


Now we can see more of her outfit, which is just as magical as the wizarding world she’s created. Her dress makes her look like some kind of sun goddess, and we definitely need some sunglasses to look directly at her, THAT is the extent to which she is GLOWING.


The full length look is almost too much to handle. We not sure if that fuzzy pom pom thing is part of her clutch or some really fascinating rings, but we love it. To be honest, we love anything on JK Rowling.


We can’t be the only ones who look at her and instantly feel warm and fuzzy, right? She’s basically been reading everybody their bed time stories for more than a decade now, and we can’t WAIT to see her newest chapter on November 18th.

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