J.K. Rowling’s new website contains a page *just* for debunking “Harry Potter” rumors, because she needs it

OMG have you heard the Harry Potter fan theory that Hagrid is gluten-free and ALSO the Half Blood Prince? Okay, that is not true, I just made it up, and please don’t tell J.K. Rowling. Or you know what, go ahead and tell J.K. Rowling that there are more crazy Harry Potter rumors floating around the internet, because she just did the *best* thing to try and combat them.

In case you haven’t seen Rowling in action before, she is a force to be reckoned with on the internet, time and time again. Whether she’s fighting off trolls or giving us tiny details about upcoming Wizarding World projects, she is here for us. That also means that she can see everything we say on the internet — whether it is true or not. And considering how many crazy Harry Potter rumors/fan theories/prophecies are flying around social media each day, she’s here to help us sort through the good ones, and the really really bad ones.

Just before the holidays, Rowling launched a brand new website. If you were reading Harry Potter all the way back when it first came out in the early 2000s, maybe you remember Rowling’s FIRST website, that was full of tiny little hidden Easter eggs on the site (did I just date myself?). This new website has Easter eggs, too, and lots of little Rowling touches (and also a Pokémon).

Towards the bottom of her homepage, there’s a hidden link to a “blank page.” If you click it, it brings you to Rowling’s “debunking page” and LOL FOREVER.

“Well done, you’ve found the Debunking button!” Rowling writes. “I don’t have anything pressing to denounce right now, but please come another time!”


THIS LADY IS TOO GOOD and knows the internet too well, because obviously within the next few days another odd Harry Potter rumor will start, that suggests that Harry was actually an octopus or something. IDK, Harry Potter theories are weird. Rowling needs a place to tell us that Harry is not an octopus.

There’s also an FAQ page, where Rowling can answer super-pressing questions. Like, you know, why wasn’t the Horcrux in Harry destroyed when he was bit by the Basilisk? (“A Horcrux can only be destroyed if its container is damaged beyond repair,” You can hear Rowling yell at us through the computer screen because she’s answered this question so many times before. “Harry was healed by Fawkes. Had he died, the Horcrux would indeed have been destroyed”). 

Applauds Rowling for-ever-errrrr. Be sure and keep a look out on her debunking page (after you’ve found it on her website, that is), for the next crazy wizard rumor to hit the internet.

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