Attention, librarians: J.K. Rowling will crash your book club for cake

“Why did J.K. Rowling crash the book club?” may sound like the beginning of a joke. But the “punchline” in this case is something we can all relate to: cake.

A small library in Scotland called Orkney Library recently tweeted about their Saturday book club called “Saturday Slaughters,” where they would be discussing The Cuckoo’s Calling. Rowling published the novel in 2013 under her pseudonym, Robert Galbraith, although she has since identified herself as the author. Little did this book club expect Rowling would actually respond to their tweet. “That sounds like a fun event,” she tweeted back at the library.

So the library sent an official invite.

But, of course, Rowling had to get the important details first.

Despite this (ADORABLE) exchange, senior library assistant Stewart Bain didn’t expect the author to actually turn up, he told BBC. However, it turns out that in order to get Rowling to come to your book club, you just need to say the magic words: “lemon cake.” She booked a plane to Orkney just for the event and spent two hours with the staff, snapping pictures, answering questions, and even going on a tour of the library.

“It really was quite unbelievable. We’d heard a rumour earlier that she had arrived in Orkney and then all of a sudden she was there,” Bain told BBC. “I think it’s fantastic that she came all the way here to see us and shows the level of support and passion that she has for her readers.” Not surprisingly, Rowling tweeted about the cake. 

In related news, we suspect sales of lemon cake will be skyrocketing over the next several weeks.

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