How J.K. Rowling was the only person able to rescue the “Back to the Future” time train

As one of the most important authors of the 21st century, J. K. Rowling is firmly cemented as an icon not just in literature, but in pop culture, too. So you know, SHE knows the importance of protecting a beloved franchise like her very own Harry Potter. 

Well, it turns out she’s protective of other franchises, too. In particular, Back to the Future.


In a recent interview with The Nerdy Bird, 12 Monkeys (the TV show, not movie) showrunner Terry Matalas – who is a self-proclaimed BTTF super fan – recounted a story he heard about Doc Brown’s modified, time-traveling train from the end of Back to the Future Part III


“The story behind the train is when they were walking J.K. Rowling through the park they were going to use the train or convert the train for the Hogwarts…Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and she was like ‘No, absolutely do not do that, please do not. This is iconic. Keep it totally as it is.’”

And you can actually hear Bob Gale (write, producer, and mastermind of Back to the Future) tell this story in his own words yourself in this video from a DeLorean convention back in 2012:

“You DO NOT touch that time train!” [YASSSS J.K.!!!!!!]

And here’s what the train looks like at Universal Studios in Florida today, where bless J.K.’s soul, you can still visit it.


Sorry, Hogwarts Express, this time machine is meant for things other than shuttling young witches and wizards.

So, all you pop-culture fans can thank J.K. Rowling for being the queen protector of the nostalgia-realm.

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