On the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, JK Rowling apologizes for killing off this beloved Harry Potter character

If you felt something magical in the air yesterday, it was probably because it was the 17th anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts. In vanquishing the Dark Lord, we lost some of our favorite Harry Potter characters, and in honor of the anniversary, Rowling actually stepped up to social media and apologized for one of those deaths: Fred Weasley.

The Weasley twins were the best twosome in Harry Potter history (also the best twosome in just regular history) and Fred’s death CRUSHED us. JK Rowling feels our pain, and she’s sorry. As First Post reports, yesterday she tweeted the following:

Fans took to Twitter to ask “What about our other faves you killed off in the last books?” and JK awesomely replied to these concerns.

Thanks for the sorry re: Fred and thanks for getting that our ire is reasonable because it TOTALLY is, Fred Weasley dying was basically the end of our childhoods. We’ll be looking forward to that Lupin apology next year!

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