Jingles we were totally obsessed with as kids

TV in the ’80s and ‘90s was magical. It gave us everything we ever wanted — a remote control, an escape from homework and our siblings, blissful entertainment and endless material things to talk our parents into buying for us. It also gave us music. Not the MTV type of music (remember when that was a thing?), but commercials that inundated us with catchy jingles that were impossible to forget. Literally impossible. So impossible, we still remember them today.

Remembering a jingle forever means the companies that made them succeeded — which is totally fine, because they bring us a bit of nostalgia each time we hear the familiar tune. So, in honor of nostalgia and childhood simplicity, here are SOME of the jingles (there are 100s more) we couldn’t get out of our heads as kids, and now probably as adults too (sorry!).

Band Aid 

“Cuz germs don’t stick on me!”


Uh oh.


The best part of waking up as a kid AND as an adult. Definitely more as an adult though.

My Buddy and Kid Sister

I wonder what My Buddy and Kid Sister look like now.

Connect Four

“Go for the glory, go for the score. Go for it! Connect Four!”



Big Red

Fresh breath went on and on for at least three minutes.

Juicy Fruit

The gum that turned us into professional athletes in our minds.

Double Mint Gum

It doubled the pleasure, doubled the fun, but definitely didn’t double the minty-ness.

Meow Mix 

Sorry again.

Skip It

There was a counter on the ball that worked 1 out of 10 times, but we didn’t even care.

Chili’s Baby back Ribs. . . BBQ Sauce

But did they ever get their baby back?


It was always Coca Cola! Or Pepsi. Or Sprite. Definitely Coca Cola, Pepsi or Sprite.


Candy disguised as mints.

Kit Kat

Give me a break. . . from singing this jingle, but definitely not from eating Kit Kats.

Frosted Flakes

Starring a miniature Jerry O’Connell!

Oscar Mayer 

A teeny tiny Jodie Sweetin introduced us to the cutest wiener in the world.


“Tum Tum Tum Tum Tuuuuuuum.”

Pepto Bismol

The only commercial to ever be thrilled about diarrhea. Yay!

Toys R Us

We will forever be Toys R Us kids.

Flinstones Vitamins

I want to have kids just so they can be Flinstones kids.

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