Jimmy Kimmel visited “Sesame Street” last night, and promptly started trouble

It’s hard to believe it, but Sesame Street just started up its 47th season. That’s right — 47 seasons of Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and all of your friends. To celebrate, Jimmy Kimmel visited Sesame Street and introduced the letter of the day. While this would have been an honor for anyone (since the letter of the day segment is pretty much sacred in the neighborhood) Kimmel found a way to, well, add a bit of intrigue and confusion.

Kimmel introduced a non-existent letter that he called “Uque.” Sounding a lot like “Uke,” it’s — in his eyes — the first letter of words like ukulele.

Of course, Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Grover didn’t believe this tomfoolery. If anyone knows what letters exist and don’t exist, it’s probably them — right? After all, knowing the alphabet has been a Muppet job requirement for decades. Watch and see how they handle this mess.


"Excuse me Jimothy," Grover says. "I do not believe that Uque is a letter."

(Heh. Jimothy.)

But Kimmel won’t back down. He says it’s definitely a letter, and if you think about it, the Muppets themselves are the ones who are crazy. After all, it’s been 47 years, and they’ve been recycling the same letters this entire time. Well, he’s got a point.

And in case you were wondering, it comes after Z in the alphabet song. Kimmel really has all of his bases covered regarding this whole “Uque” thing.

It’s also a number, by the way. You know who’d love that fact, right?


We have to say, Jimmy Kimmel made this all pretty convincing.

But all in all, we’re not excited about this brand new letter/number hybrid — we’re just happy to see the gang from Sesame Street, and we’re so glad that they’re still as quick-witted and hilarious as ever.

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