Jimmy Kimmel unveiled his 2016 “Clip of the Year” last night, and it’s a pretty solid choice

It’s tough to squeeze all of the “Best Of 2016” countdowns in at the very end of the year, so sometimes, they get released a bit early. On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy Kimmel unveiled his “2016 Clip Of The Year” last night, since he likely figured that while viral moments of glory happen all the time, it’s probably safe to crown the winner when there’s about half of a month left to celebrate.

"It's time to honor the true heroes of our show, our TV watchers," Kimmel said.

Kimmel joked that he has four people on staff who continuously watch bad television and videos in order to truly research what’s bad, and what’s good. (Hey, to us, that kind of sounds like a dream job — even though Kimmel didn’t necessarily paint it in the best light!)


And the winner is… G.O.P. Pile Up!

While this was definitely a great moment in television history, we also loved the competition as well. “Malted Milk Bald” was innovative, “Beach Balls” was something we couldn’t believe actually aired, “Torna-Doh” was — well, uncomfortably frustrating, and “Lotion Commotion” made us so glad we’re no longer pre-teens shopping with Dad.

We’re so glad that Kimmel is keeping this tradition alive. Cheers to more funny moments in 2017!

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