Jimmy Kimmel revealed that his family is expecting baby #2, and we’re so happy for him

There was a bunch of goodness announced last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. For one, Jimmy Kimmel is expecting a second child with his wife, Molly McNearey. Second, he announced that he’ll be hosting the 89th Academy Awards in February. As it looks right now, 2017 is set to be pretty incredible for Kimmel.

Kimmel and McNearey are already the parents of Jane Kimmel, who was born in 2014. Kimmel also has two children from a previous marriage, Kevin and Katherine, who are surely going to be fantastic step-siblings to the new arrival.

Kimmel announced the awards show first, and then announced the new baby in a pretty hilarious way.

"Also, my wife, is hosting a baby inside her body. So that’s what’s coming," Kimmel said.

(We never thought about pregnancy in that way, but — hey, he’s kind of right.)

Watch the big announcement for yourself:


Kimmel mentioned that him and his wife are going traditional, and want to be surprised by the sex of the baby.

"We got the ultrasound — which is weird because it’s like you’re already spying on the baby — but we asked the technician not to tell us whether we’re having a boy or a girl. Our plan is to let the child decide for itself, Kimmel said.

As far as baby names are concerned, Kimmel mentioned a few unisex possibilities that he already thought of. So far, there are two solid contenders.

"No. 1 Dyson after the vacuum or Gelatin with a J. No?" Kimmel asked, as the audience laughed.

No matter what they decide to name the baby, we know it’ll be a welcomed addition to the Kimmel household.

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