Jimmy Kimmel breaks down those passive aggressive texts we hate

Passive aggressive texting. We’ve all done it, and we’ve all been on the receiving end of it. The switch from pleasant to passive aggressive is so subtle that sometimes it’s just one word, or even one letter, that completely changes the tone of a text. It can be hard to figure out if what you’re reading is angry or just a regular response, so last night Jimmy Kimmel decided to break it all down, translating those messages we dread.

To make sure we understand what we’re reading, or to make sure we understand exactly what message we’re sending, Jimmy gave us a word-for-word translation of some common texting situations, like asking if you can bring someone to dinner, or getting someone to run an errand. These simple activities can have complicated texting repercussions. For instance, there’s a big difference between “sure!” and “sure.” The same goes for “yup” and “yep.” But “ha”? Forget it. You’re toast.

But the biggest texting no-no of all is to forgo texting for a phone call. That’s something that, as Jimmy explains, we just don’t do anymore. If you see that your friend is calling you, and you haven’t spoken to her all day, then you know something real is about to go down.

There are likely countless more subtleties out there, but luckily we can laugh at them rather than getting too wrapped up in the crazy world of texting etiquette. Watch the full clip below!

(Image via YouTube)