Jimmy Kimmel makes a good point about unity during his Oscar monologue (and then tries to make nice with Matt Damon)

In front of thousands people in the audience, and million more watching around the world, Jimmy Kimmel took to the stage at the 89th Academy Awards to make the first big statement of the night: It’s time for all of us to come together as one. Jimmy sang the praise of unity, and suggested that if we all just took the time to talk to one another about our differences, the world MIGHT become a better place. Hey, that sounds like a really good idea!

Jimmy’s not just all talk. Immediately putting this idea into action, he made a bold move to end his own long-standing feud.

If Jimmy and Matt Damon can unite as one, can’t we all?

The late night host has had some ongoing beef with the Boston Oscar winner for some time now (like, a decade), and with the world watching, Jimmy decided it was time to finally bury the hatchet. By simply reaching across the aisle (and in this case, like, the literal Oscar aisle since Matt was in the audience and Jimmy on the stage), Jimmy sang the praise of Matt. This has never happened before! If these two can settle their differences, why can’t the rest of the world?

Jimmy explained that Matt recently did one of the kindest things ever. You see, Matt is a producer on Manchester By The Sea, and was actually going to star in movie himself. However, due to scheduling conflicts, he had to bow out and isntead suggested that the lil’ brother of one of his bestest best friends take on the role instead. Casey Affleck stepped into the role, and the rest is history. Now Manchester By The Sea will (probably) win a lot of Oscars, and you could say this is all because of Matt’s kind gesture!

Or, at least that’s the song Jimmy is singing. Even though it looks like these two are on friendly terms now, Jimmy can’t help but still get in a few jabs, reminding Matt that his latest, The Great Wall, lost somewhere around $80 million dollars. It happens.

But hey, maybe next time Matt stops by Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy will actually have time for him!