Jimmy Kimmel lied to Neil Patrick Harris about hosting the Oscars

As you know, the 89th Academy Awards are on tonight, and we found out that Jimmy Kimmel lied to Neil Patrick Harris about hosting them, reported People. What?! Well, “lied” may be too strong a word, but you can be the judge. Harris hosted the Academy Awards in 2015, and when he talked to People recently about this year’s show, Harris said Kimmel told him he was not hosting.

Whaaaat?! Harris said he saw Kimmel at an event in L.A. shortly before it was announced that he was doing the show.

“I said, ‘Are you going to do it or what? You’re on ABC, the show is on ABC,’ and he said ‘No, I’m not going to do it,’ Harris told People. “Then a week later he announced he’s doing it, Harris said “with a laugh.

So, hopefully, it was not actually a lie and the news was just not yet confirmed…or Kimmel legitimately didn’t know he was doing it…or he was being sarcastic? Because he wouldn’t lie, right?!

Regardless, Harris thinks Kimmel will do a good job.

“I couldn’t be happier, I can’t wait to see what he does, Harris told People.

We can’t wait either. And ~of course~ we know Kimmel excels at hosting — not only his late-night show, but also other award shows, like the Emmys in 2012 and 2016. I know we’re fans.

Here’s his monologue from the 2016 Emmys to refresh your memory.


Yup, he will definitely rock the stage tonight at the Oscars, which are on ABC at 5:30 P.S.T./8:30 E.S.T. We better get ready to watch, so see you there, so to speak!

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