Last night, Jimmy Kimmel read mean tweets to Jimmy Kimmel

One of the best segments on Jimmy Kimmel Live is the recurring “Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets.” In the bit, celebs do just that: They read some of the less warm and fuzzy tweets people send to them or mention them in, and it’s the best revenge on Internet trolls. But last night, it was Kimmel’s chance to call out some of his haters by reading their messages verbatim.

It all started when Kimmel joked about a new YouTube channel where video game fans can watch others play video games. Kimmel thought it sounded “ridiculous,” as he says in the intro for this clip, but clearly those who enjoy watching other people watch video games did not appreciate his opinion. A lot of these outraged gamers decided to reach out and voice their frustration in some, well, interesting ways.

The comments run the gamut from just weird, grammatical train wrecks to really cruel attacks on Kimmel. And then there’s one guy who just called him an egg. Say what?

(Image via Youtube)


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