Jimmy Kimmel made his staff share their most embarrassing mom texts

With Mother’s Day around the corner, it’s as good a time as any to celebrate moms for all they do. But it’s equally as good a time to roast them for their tech skills (or lackthereof), so Jimmy Kimmel had staffers reveal their best mom texts (aka, their worst, most TMI mom texts) last night. And it’s as good as you’d expect.

If your mom has a smartphone, there’s a good chance that she’s figured out how to text you, for better or worse. These texts from moms of the Jimmy Kimmel staff range from hilariously relatable to complete mom texting fails, naturally sprinkled with emojis and virtual hugs. Some moms were seeking important Facebook advice, while others simply had to give the Roker report…watch and see.


One mom had some advice for her son after watching his stand-up routine, saying that he was “very good and funny without the sex jock [sic].” Another mentioned that her daughter “looked like a movie Glamour girl” on Instagram, and wondered if she was wearing a push-up bra.

Another was very concerned about the etiquette of a Facebook poke from a year ago, while yet another lamented that married men shouldn’t be allowed on Facebook at all.

One mom was thrilled about the low price of her painter’s odor-free joint cream from Amazon. And one provided a very detailed story involving the family dog’s upset stomach and a white throw rug in the dining room (RIP white throw rug).

Not all were kind-hearted, though, with one mom asking her son if he was seeing his imaginary girlfriend today. Another said she should lose weight (ouch!) and another mom frankly told her son “no one likes you”…after simply inquiring about some groceries.


One staffer’s mom is obsessed with Today Show anchor Al Roker, giving him a riveting daily Roker report.

Moms, where would we be without your silly texts? We heart-eyes emoji love you, typos and all.

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