Jimmy Kimmel hilariously tricked people into thinking an iPhone 5S is the brand new iPhone

Yesterday, Apple introduced the world to the new iPhone SE, which has the iPhone 6S processor in a four-inch 5S body. So chances for confusion between the two are likely going to be pretty high, unless you have a professional iPhone person on hand to differentiate the two. Like Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel is so good at getting people to pretend they know something about something, even when they know nothing about that something. So he sent his crew to ask people on the streets of Hollywood to compare the old iPhone 5S with the new SE. But since the phones look identical, that would be near impossible for anyone to do. Which is why the unsuspecting participants were handed two 5S phones. Tricky.

Not surprisingly, they had a lot to say about the differences between the two (same exact) phones.

Jimmy Kimmel for the win. Again.