Jimmy Kimmel helped Ginnifer Goodwin pick out a name for her baby

Naming the baby can be one of those decisions that parents agonize over for weeks or even years, but that’s because not everyone can have Jimmy Kimmel help them out. When actress Ginnifer Goodwin, and the baby in her belly, stopped by Kimmel’s show Monday night, Jimmy debuted his lottery-style name generator to aid in baby-naming decision.


This isn’t Ginnifer’s first baby but, as she explained, she and her husband used both of their favorite names on their eldest child, Oliver Finley, so now they’re left searching for something else they love just as much.

We’re not certain that Jimmy Kimmel helped them find it, but he did come up with some hilarious names using two hoppers, one with vegetable names and one with names of birds to generate first and middle names that are totally unique, like Crane Eggplant, or even better, Crane Rutabaga.

While we don’t think Ginnifer will be going with any of the names Jimmy generated, at least he helped her narrow down the ones she definitely doesn’t want.