Jimmy Kimmel and George Clooney tried to reunite the cast of “E.R”

One of George Clooney’s early roles was the character of Dr. Doug Ross on the hit TV series E.R. The show was so beloved that when George came by Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy thought it would be fun to put together a reunion. It didn’t exactly work out as planned.

Unfortunately, none of George’s castmates were able to make it, all tied up for super understandable reasons, like not being able to get an Uber or the fact that it was Taco Tuesday. However, Jimmy was able to get another TV doctor to come along: Hugh Laurie, or Dr. Gregory House of House M.D.

Together, these fictional doctors used everything they’ve learned from TV medicine to fix Jimmy, who was suffering from something we can’t see and, to be honest, we don’t really want to.

While this may not technically be a “reunion,” whatever it was was perfect.

(Image via YouTube)