Jimmy Kimmel found one of Naomi Watts’s first commercials and it involves Tom Cruise and meat

One of Jimmy Kimmel’s favorite things to do is surprise his guests with some of their early work. We all had to start somewhere, and more often than not, our favorite stars began with some pretty embarrassing stuff. Even the amazing Naomi Watts started with odd jobs, including this commercial for meat.


In the commercial, Naomi’s character has won a romantic dinner with Tom Cruise, but she turns it down when she realizes she’d have to give up the lamb roast she’s having later that night. It’s pretty funny—mostly because the world of the commercial is so ridiculous, and because it’s from such a long time ago.

Fun fact: Naomi Watts was vegetarian at the time, which makes the premise of the commercial (even more) ridiculous.

While these commercials may seem goofy now, they were important stepping stones for people like Naomi to become the incredibly successful stars they are today. Now she can have a lamb roast whenever she pleases!