Jimmy Kimmel convinced people that Trump nominated Rob Kardashian for Supreme Court

Today in “why do we live on this planet?” news, Jimmy Kimmel convinced people that Trump nominated Rob Kardashian for the Supreme Court. Say it isn’t so! Unfortunately, it is so. On his segment “Lie Witness News,”Jimmy Kimmel said Trump nominated Rob Kardashian (like, what?!) for the SCOTUS opening, and people really, truly thought it was the truth.

All we can really say is what a time to be alive. At least Jimmy Kimmel made sure people know it wasn’t true, right? Err, at least his viewers know. (And so you know, Trump picked Neil Gorsuch, *not* Rob Kardashian!)

Before sharing the clip from his segment “Lie Witness News,” Kimmel explained to the audience,

“Today we asked people what they thought about Donald Trump’s decision to nominate Rob Kardashian to the Supreme Court. Seven people in a row believed it, OK? So, with that said, I am both proud and deeply ashamed to present what could very well be our most shocking edition of Lie Witness News yet.

There’s no way, right? Sorry, but he’s telling the truth, here. People literally thought Rob Kardashian had been nominated for the Supreme Court!


Noooooo! One woman said,

“Honestly, I was a little shocked, a little taken back, but I look at it as whatever happens, happens for a reason.

While others were really, really mad.

On one hand, LOL. But on the other, we’re just as upset as you are that people thought this was real. But we’re not the only ones!


If there was ever a reason to educate the people around you, the time is now!