Jimmy Kimmel is just as heartbroken about Cecil the Lion as we are

The world was shocked this week to learn about the killing of Cecil the Lion, a beloved animal who lived in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. The 13-year-old lion was shot by American dentist Walter Palmer during a hunting trip. He reportedly paid $55,000 to hunt Cecil, who was also being tracked by Oxford University researchers as part of a study.

News of Cecil’s death has caused huge international outcry against both Palmer and the trophy hunting industry at large. According to reports, Cecil was followed for 40 hours after being shot, and once he died, his body was maimed and left near the park he called home. It’s a horrific and extreme case that’s making many ask what we can do to make sure no more lions—and other animals—are killed simply for sport.

As it turns out, Jimmy Kimmel shares that outrage. Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he took a few minutes to call out Walter Palmer and offer some suggestions as to what we can all do to help make a difference. He gets a bit emotional during the video, and with good reason.

But he also says he wants this story to take a “positive” turn, and provides information on how to donate to the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit at Oxford. Check out his incredible monologue, because it’s utterly on-point and moving.


(Images via YouTube)