Jimmy Kimmel assembled a super famous super group to sing about AIDS awareness

If you’ve been wondering where Julia Roberts has been hiding (seriously, we haven’t seen her in WAY TOO LONG!), look no further than Jimmy Kimmel’s A-list supergroup! No, really. This is not a drill.

They recently took to the stage to sing  a song about AIDS awareness, naturally titled, “We’re Going to Hell” (as in, with all their money, fame, and celebrity power, they’re definitely going to a certain firey underworld if they don’t use it to help). It was dark, yet hilarious.

Accompanying Roberts were Neil Patrick Harris, Channing Tatum, Kristen Bell, Bono, The Killers, Halsey and DJ Khaled. So yeah, when we say A-List super group, we mean it.

Dressed in their finest, these famous faces showed off their singing and dancing skills and reminded us why we love them/are willing to listen when they speak up about something important.


"That snow is blowing, that son of a bitch! Inside it's glowing, we're lucky we're rich. We're nice and cozy, we jin-jin-jingle the bell, oh baby it's cold...but we're going to hell."

We should note that we wouldn’t enjoy this so much if we didn’t know it was truly about spreading awareness about an extremely important issue (as opposed to making light of a disease that affects millions globally). Each of these stars have spoken out in support of AIDS research and funding over the years or have been involved in projects specifically designed to spread awareness, so we know their hearts are in the right place on this one.

And if you find yourself singing this to yourself moments from now, it’s perfectly acceptable (it’s catchy right??). And if it inspires you to want to do something, you can visit www.red.org to help the fight against AIDS.

Every little bit helps!

H/T: Vulture

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