Jimmy Kimmel asked random people how often they had sex and their answers are hilariously honest

Once again, Jimmy Kimmelwins comedy for the day with another hilarious video featuring the tourists of Hollywood Boulevard — the location of the studio and pretty much all of the Jimmy Kimmel Live! shenanigans.

Cousin Sal hosts a game that involves said tourists, sex and Kimmel chiming in live from the studio. And liquid cheese (spoiler alert). The game is called “How many times a month do you have sex?” And people actually play it. Because Jimmy Kimmel can get people to talk about literally anything.

First up are Jay and Connie from Ann Arbor Michigan who have been married for 25 years and who hilariously confuse everyone with their two very different answers. But they receive some pretty solid (actually, liquid) gifts for their participation, so the embarrassment was probably totally worth it.

Next are Sophie from NYC and Russ from England. After a year of marriage, their living situation gets in the way of their sexy time. But TBH, they seem like they’re doing just fine. Watch the sexcipades below:

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