Jimmy Kimmel aired the Emmys blooper reel last night, and we’re seriously still LOLing

As you likely know by now, the 68th annual Primetime Emmy Awards aired this past Sunday. And while host Jimmy Kimmel received tons of praise for his hosting duties, it was the opening sequence that proved to be a feat only someone like Kimmel could handle.

Watch the original, polished opening below.


The clip features an all-star cast with Emilia Clarke, James Corden, Jeb Bush, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and the cast of Modern Family (to name just a few). Everyone performs with the kind of talent we’ve come to expect, so it’s no surprise they pulled out all the stops.

However, even professionals screw up. And that’s super lucky for us, because it means one thing, and one thing only: BLOOPER REELS!

And lucky for us AGAIN, Kimmel aired the bloopers (which he called)  “boners and boo-boos,” on his show last night. Take a look:

Seriously, this contained enough LOL-worthy moments to keep us smiling all day. From singing on a mock stage with James Corden (complete with lip sync mess-ups), to broken shirt buttons, stalled windows, and smoke bomb mishaps, this further proves these super talented people are only human. And oh man, do we love them for it.

Thank you, Jimmy, for making our Tuesday.