We’re going to be getting a lot more Jimmy Gibbler in the upcoming season of “Fuller House”

It’s no secret that we love Fuller House — and the rest of the country must agree, since it was quickly renewed on Netflix for a third season. So, we’re totally thrilled to hear that we’re going to see a lot more Jimmy Gibber next season on Fuller House. How do we know? Well, the actor who plays him — Adam Hagenbuch — just got promoted to a series regular.

For those who need to catch up, that wasn’t a typo — Jimmy is actually the brother of Kimmy, and once the two of them get together, the similarities are pretty obvious.

More notably, he served as the love interest of Stephanie Tanner throughout the second season. These two were pretty darn cute together, so we’re glad that this promotion pretty much ensures he’ll be appearing in a ton of episodes.

(And yes, if you keep getting him confused with Ashton Kutcher, you’re not alone. Hagenbuch actually played the actor for the Lifetime TV movie about Brittany Murphy, so a lot of people are seeing the similarity!)

Prior to Fuller House, Hagenbuch was best known for appearing on shows like Undateable and Switched at Birth.

We think his casting on Fuller House was absolutely perfect, since he’s got a ton of natural chemistry with Jodie Sweetin. We never thought that a Tanner would date a Gibbler, but we’re truly rooting for these two.

We’ll still have to wait a bit longer for the third season, which was confirmed back in December. While it’s been said that it’ll definitely hit Netflix in 2017, an exact date has yet to be announced. We’ll be here waiting patiently until that happens.

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