Still laughing about Jimmy Fallon’s #MomQuotes

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, so here’s your reminder to go out and do something nice for mom this Sunday (but truth, you should be doing something for her nice every single day).

Jimmy Fallon decided a nice thing to do for mom would be to start a hashtag for her — because what mom wouldn’t LOVE a hashtag? As Fallon explains on the Tonight Show, within 15 minutes his #MomQuotes was trending and the results are hilarious. Turns out there are lots of moms out there who sometimes get confused about desktop computers, Uber, and the Goo Goo Dolls. This one is my personal favorite, because I think my mom actually secretly sent it in:

Check out the whole video to see Fallon giggle through his favorite #MomQuotes. Then, we’ve gotta know, what’s your best #MomQuote?

Image via here.

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