Jimmy Fallon’s “intern” is a Joe Jonas lookalike, which gets him into some trouble during this “Head Swap” video

If you’ve never watched a “Head Swap” segment before, you might want to put down that caffeine — you won’t need it. On the latest edition, Jimmy Fallon realizes “his intern” looks like Joe Jonas, and really wants him to participate in a head swap to avoid any legal fees. You know, just a harmless little photo edit that’d make the staff laugh.

Fallon was extra excited about the bit, since he hasn’t done it in awhile. Once you check it out, you’ll realize that while the process of a head swap sounds simple, there’s a lot of time and dedication that goes into every single one.

Watch and see for yourself. Warning: You’ll be singing this song all day.


Of course, that intern is, in fact, Joe Jonas. The segment was likely filmed when he appeared on the show last week. But according to Joe himself, he looks nothing like Joe Jonas.

In his eyes, he looks more like Nick — if not a young Tom Cruise.


In comparison to his DNCE band members, Joe thinks he looks most like Cole Whittle. Also known as the “guy with the mohawk.”


Fake mohawks, bookies, and an Adam Levine mention later, things get straightened out.

The segment is definitely goofy, and always a lot of fun — and The Tonight Show (as well as Late Night, where the segment first aired) will always stand behind it.


Fans of the segment, on the other hand, were extremely happy to see it come back. It really shows the goofy humor that Fallon is known for.

We’re glad that Joe Jonas got a chance to participate, and we’re really hoping for more Head Swaps in the future.

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