Jimmy Fallon walked Seth Meyers to his set last night, because he’s a gentleman

Everyone is so connected on NBC. In fact, Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon can easily walk right to the Late Night set from The Tonight Show set with little complication, if need be. It’s a pretty good commute if you happen to be appearing on both.

Meyers definitely pulled double duty last night. After a fun segment on Fallon’s show, he had to wander back to his job as Late Night host — a position he actually inherited from Fallon a few years ago. Since the two are pretty close, Fallon lead him on his way.

Of course, there were a few stops they had to make first. We mean, you can’t start a late night talk show hungry, right?


There’s just so much we love about this. For one, we love that Meyers helped Fallon close his show, giving out Fallon-esque high fives to the audience. (It must have been a bonus to watch the show on set yesterday!)

And of course, the subs — or, hoagies, if that’s how you know them best.


We’re kind of jealous that nobody hands us giant sandwiches while we’re strolling towards our next mission.

Speaking of, these two manage to cram so much food into the entire two-and-a-half minute video. We’re hungry just watching it.

Finally, we love the fact that Fallon made sure that Meyers was camera-ready before appearing on stage. There’s just a fatherly vibe about the entire exchange that hits us right in the heart.


That Jimmy Fallon is such a gentleman.

As far as show closers go, this one was definitely one for the books. We truly dig the way the cast and crew managed to make it work, and adore the fact that it emphasizes the very real friendship between Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon. More things like this in the future, please.

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