Jimmy Fallon has joined the Trump administration on “Saturday Night Live” and he has his own theme music

It seems like every day, Saturday Night Live is further staffing up their fictional White House. With the current administration offering no shortage of opportunities for political satire, Saturday Night Live is really swimming in reasons to bring in more of our fav celebrities to parody members of the Trump administration.

We thought it couldn’t get any better back when we had Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon as Trump and Hillary — but the popularity of this whole faux White House staff schtick kept it going, and we were further #blessed with Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer. Honestly, looking at their real-life counterparts and not just seeing the SNL characters is tough.

Now, we have Jimmy Fallon joining the administration as Jared Kushner. Complete with a labelled vest over his suit, just like the real thing. And, BONUS: he has his own theme music.


Jimmy Fallon also hosted, along with musical guest Harry Styles — basically the dream. Unsurprisingly, Saturday Night Live‘s ratings went up from the previous week because who on earth would miss that?  Not only that, but Saturday Night Live has been having a killer year; the political commentary has def brought back a waning audience, and their ratings are up by almost half from last year.

We aren’t thrilled about what’s happening around the world politically, and it’s not great for our mental health. But at least comedians seem to have no problem finding the silver lining to a very messy political situation.

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