Jimmy Fallon + Sandra Bullock + fake arms = Hilarious

Sometimes, it’s the ridiculously silly things that are the most hilarious. Jimmy Fallon knows this best when it comes to his recurring segment, “Real People, Fake Arms.” It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like, and last night, he invited star of the upcoming movie Our Brand Is Crisis, Sandra Bullock, to join him.

Jimmy introduced the segment as being a clip from an old soap opera the two used to work on together, Jacob’s Patients. There was just one problem: Sandra Bullock was extremely difficult to work with because she refused to use her own arms, and therefore nobody else could. She justifies this by saying she was a Ring Pop model and that it didn’t look any different, but Jimmy had a clip from the show as proof that things got a li-i-ittle crazy.

What ensues is an absolutely hilarious sketch in which Sandra Bullock attempts to serve ice cream with two plastic arms, and Jimmy attempts to eat it. As you might imagine, it doesn’t go smoothly. Since Sandra Bullock can’t really hold anything, she has to grab ice cream and toppings with her “hands.”

She feeds Jimmy straight from her palm, causing the ice creamy, hot fudge-y, sprinkle-y goodness to pretty much go all over his face. And things just keep getting more ridiculous from there.

Yes, this clip is hilarious. Watch it, laugh and be thankful for you opposable thumbs!

(Image via YouTube)