Jimmy Fallon revealed his five favorite “Gilmore Girls” characters, and we’re in total agreement

Who knew? It turns out that Jimmy Fallon is a big Gilmore Girls fan just like we are. In fact, Fallon decided to list his top five (which, er — kind of turned to four, based on the pressure) favorite characters besides Rory and Lorelai, and we think he’s definitely chosen well.

Fallon admitted that he watches an episode every night before bed, and just ended season four. He’s preparing for the big revival this month, and just has three seasons left of the series (and as of last night, ten days to the premiere.)

“That’s six hours a day,” Fallon said, while doing the math to see if he could catch up in time.

Fallon revealed that while he’s totally Team Jess (for now, at least!) Rory’s mysterious ex didn’t make the list of his favorite Stars Hollow characters. Watch who did:


So to recap, that’s Taylor Doose (or, “the Mayor dude”) Luke, Kirk, and of course, Paris Geller.

"Paris is smart, she's got the brains, but she's having a tough time right now at college," Fallon said. "I'm a little concerned."

Later, Fallon realized that he totally forgot about Sookie, and added her to the list. Phew — well, technically that’s five. Surely Fallon is as happy as we are that Melissa McCarthy returned to shoot a few more scenes for Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life.

Fallon has us thinking about our own top five (or, four) favorites. It’s the perfect way to stall before the new episodes come out on November 25th.

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