Jimmy Fallon revealed his biggest awards show blunder to Ellen DeGeneres, and it’s pretty hysterical

While this is his first time hosting the Golden Globes, he’s no stranger to awards shows. In fact, Jimmy Fallon confessed his biggest blunder to Ellen on her show, and while it happened when he was just presenting an award (and not hosting) it’s still pretty insane. Lucky for him, nothing was televised.

Fallon starts his story by saying he received an e-mail directly that asked him to present an award to the legendary Smokey Robinson. Fallon, who didn’t have a publicist at this point, was pretty enthusiastic.

"I read the e-mail and it said it was for UNICEF. So I said, 'Great! I love UNICEF," Fallon noted to DeGeneres.

Of course, it all takes a turn from there. Watch Fallon tell the story below:


It turns out that while Fallon enthusiastically told reporters how he loved everything that UNICEF does, especially their fundraising presence around Halloween, the event wasn’t for UNICEF at all.

"I realize it's UNCF. United Negro College Fund. It has nothing to do with UNICEF at all," Fallon said with a laugh. "I read the e-mail wrong."

Surely he confused a ton of reporters with all of his banter about trick-or-treating! Of course, Fallon tried to make the most of the situation. The award presentation went down flawlessly, and he recovered from goofing up.

"Smokey has probably done a lot of stuff for UNICEF as well," Fallon said to DeGeneres as a sidenote.

Fallon will be hosting the show this Sunday, January 8th. The festivities start at 8 PM EST. Trust us — you won’t want to miss it.

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